Future Plans of WFUMB COE

Future Plans of WFUMB COE

Written on 06/12/2018
Christian Pállson Nolsøe

WFUMB has it as its main purpose to bring sustainable ultra sound to all regions of our world.

According to WHO approximately 2/3 of the worlds population has no access to medical imaging of any kind.

Through our Centers of Education WFUMB supports ultrasound education in low resource areas at 13 locations around the globe.

The intention with our COE Session at WFUMB 2017 in Taipei is to bring together decision-makers and COE leaders from all regions for the benefit of learning from each other and thereby hopefully bring about improvement for both existing COEs and WFUMB COE program in general.

We hope to create new ideas on how to teach ultrasound, new ways to bring out ultrasound to the farthest areas and new COEs to make this come true.